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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Revenue

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Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.2809  An Act relative to increasing disability ratings for veterans James Arciero
H.2817  An Act establishing a homestead exemption for disabled veterans Bruce J. Ayers
H.2822  An Act relative to providing tax processing and filing assistance for certain disabled veterans Bruce J. Ayers
H.2823  An Act extending certain existing sales tax exemptions to veteran's organizations Bruce J. Ayers
H.2857  An Act establishing a tax credit for employment of national guard members Claire D. Cronin
H.2904  An Act exempting disabled veterans from sales tax when leasing a motor vehicle William C. Galvin
H.2921  An Act relative to tax abatement for permanently disabled veterans Kenneth I. Gordon
H.2926  An Act to increase veterans earned tax savings Richard M. Haggerty
H.2935  An Act relative to property tax relief for veterans Bradford Hill
H.2952  An Act exempting veterans’ organizations from state and local meals tax Daniel J. Hunt
H.2970  An Act relative to veterans’ tax credit James M. Kelcourse
H.2982  An Act to exempt certain veterans from the state tax David Paul Linsky
H.3032  An Act relative to the veteran property tax exemption Jerald A. Parisella
H.3042  An Act updating disabled veterans tax exemption totals David Allen Robertson
H.3056  An Act relative to tax relief for low-income veterans Adam J. Scanlon
H.3064  An Act establishing a property tax exemption for members of the National Guard Todd M. Smola
H.3066  An Act relative to disabled service-connected veterans and the motor vehicle excise tax Todd M. Smola
H.3069  An Act relative to property tax relief for 100% disabled veterans Michael J. Soter
H.3076  An Act relative to expanding the property tax exemption for qualified veterans Alyson M. Sullivan
S.1863  An Act relative to 100% disabled veteran excise tax exemptions Ryan C. Fattman
S.1888  An Act relative to lot rent abatement for veterans John F. Keenan
S.1934  An Act granting property tax exemptions to disabled veterans Michael O. Moore
S.1947  An Act establishing a tax credit for employment of veterans Patrick M. O'Connor
S.1957  An Act increasing the property tax exemption for disabled veterans Patrick M. O'Connor
S.1977  An Act relative to veterans tax exemptions Michael F. Rush
S.1978  An Act relative to Veteran Tax Abatements Michael F. Rush
Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.2825  An Act relative to exemptions for small charities for tax upon raffle proceeds Bruce J. Ayers
H.2840  An Act encouraging home ownership by establishing a first time home buyers savings account Daniel R. Carey
H.2850  An Act establishing a tax revenue fairness and implementation commission Michelle L. Ciccolo
H.2852  An Act enabling a local option for a tax on vacant units in residential buildings Mike Connolly
H.2855  An Act facilitating housing for all Mike Connolly
H.2862  An Act relative to homeowner information Josh S. Cutler
H.2879  An Act relative to information included with municipal tax bills Shawn Dooley
H.2955  An Act requiring a waiting period for new taxes Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2958  An Act relative to the taxpayers’ bill of rights Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2989  An Act to establish a commission to report on the moral budget Jay D. Livingstone
H.3003  An Act ensuring consistent reimbursement of PILOT funding Joseph D. McKenna
H.3018  An Act relative to certain tax reporting requirements David K. Muradian, Jr.
H.3046  An Act relative to the revenue to the stabilization fund John H. Rogers
S.1826  An Act to ensure fairness through the economic development tax increment financing program Brendan P. Crighton
S.1866  An Act to establish a commission to report on the Moral Budget Paul R. Feeney
S.1868  An Act relative to establishing a criminal justice and community support trust fund Cindy F. Friedman
H.4074  An Act implementing progressive options for raising new revenue Mike Connolly
S.1882  An Act establishing a truth, racial healing, and transformation trust fund Adam G. Hinds
S.1909  An Act relative to a social equity training and technical assistance fund Jason M. Lewis
S.1910  An Act related to a universal basic income pilot Jason M. Lewis
S.1931  An Act relative to equalizing the Department of Revenue interest rates Michael O. Moore
S.1932  An Act improving the tax administrative laws of the Commonwealth Michael O. Moore
S.1963  An Act relative to taxes and fee transparency Patrick M. O'Connor
S.26  Massachusetts Capital Resource Company 44th Annual Report Massachusetts Capital Resource Company
H.2844  An Act restoring the harbors and inland waters maintenance fund Tackey Chan
S.2484  An Act relative to third party settlement organizations Patrick M. O'Connor