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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

SECTION 1. There shall be in the city of Lynn a traffic commission whose members shall be residents of the city. The commission shall consist of the chief of police or his designee, the commissioner of the department of public works or his designee, the parking director or his designee, and two members to be appointed by the city council in the manner established by city ordinance. Each appointed member shall serve for a term of two years and may be reappointed upon the expiration of his term. A member appointed by the city council who misses three consecutive meetings shall be removed from the commission and the city council shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term of the member so removed.

SECTION 2. The commissioner of the department of public works shall be the chairperson of the commission for the first year following its creation. Thereafter, the chairperson shall be chosen annually by election from among the members of the commission on or before the first Monday of July. The chairperson shall be known as the traffic commissioner. The members of the commission shall receive no compensation for their services as commissioners, but all advertising, postage and operating expenses incurred for the purposes of this ordinance shall be paid by the city. All statutes and ordinances applicable generally to the departments of the city shall apply to the commission.

SECTION 3. The commission shall meet bi-monthly on a day and time to be determined by the commission, after its first formal meeting, with special meetings called by the chairperson as he deems necessary. Scheduled meetings of the commission shall not conflict with city council committee meetings. The city council shall be notified in writing of each meeting and furnished with a copy of the commission meeting agenda, and the agenda shall be published in the local daily newspaper 48 hours, at least, prior to any scheduled meeting. The city council ordinance committee by a majority vote may require the placing of a matter on the agenda of the traffic commission for its next scheduled meeting, subject to advertising procedures.

SECTION 4. Except as provided in section 5, the traffic commission shall have the sole authority to adopt, amend, alter and repeal rules and regulations after public hearing in accordance with Section 3-10(c) of the Lynn city charter, not inconsistent with the General Laws, relative to vehicular street traffic and parking in the city and to the movement, stopping or standing of vehicles on and their exclusion from, all or any street, way, highway, road and parkway under the control of the city, including rules and regulations designating any way or part thereof under said control as a throughway under and subject to the provisions of section 9 of chapter 89 of the General Laws as are declared by vote of the commission, to be taken within 60 days after introduction. The commission shall have the authority to post any regulation deemed to be urgently required by considerations of public safety or convenience or such as are of a temporary nature and are to be effective for a period of not more than 60 days.

A petition may be filed by ten residents of the city of Lynn, over the age of 18 years, relative to any rule or regulation adopted or proposed to be adopted by said commission which rule or regulation has not been in effect for a period more than 90 days.

SECTION 5. A member of the city council may file, within 30 days after the passage of a rule or regulation in accordance with section 4, a motion to repeal such rule or regulation, which repeal shall be effective if approved by a majority vote of all of the members of the city council.

SECTION 6. This act shall take effect upon its passage.

Approved December 30, 1999.