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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

SECTION 1. The parcels of land identified in section 2 and under the care, custody and control of the department of correction, are hereby designated for the purposes and uses of forest, agriculture and open space protection, management and conservation, and limited public access for passive recreation and enjoyment, and shall be held solely for these purposes and uses. ?The department of correction, in consultation with the executive office of environmental affairs, may develop reasonable rules or promulgate regulations for the appropriate operation of and reasonable limitations on public access to such parcels.? No temporary or permanent buildings or other structures, roads, paved areas, fences or utilities shall be added to any parcel identified in section 2, nor shall any such parcel be substantially altered, except those additions or alterations that are consistent with the purposes to which the parcels have been dedicated under this act and only with the prior approval of the department of correction and subject to the department of correction's rules and regulations for use of the property.

SECTION 2. The parcels are identified as all of the lands, including lands under water, in the town of Bridgewater, as described in Assessors Map #90, lot 32, Map #90, lot 41A, Map #103, lot 40, Map #114, lot 39, Map #114, lot 37, Map #114, lot 38, Map #103, lot 41, Map #91, lot 49A, Map #103, lot 48, Map #103, lot 46, Map #114, lot 43, Map #114, lot 42, Map #114, lot 44, Map #104, lot 44A, Map #104, lot 45, Map #104, lot 47, Map #89, lot 57, Map #89, lot 58, Map #127, lot 28, Map #133, lot 27, Map #134, lot 13, and Map #127, lot 29.

SECTION 3. The executive office of environmental affairs may expend funds from otherwise acceptable and available accounts or provide services, not to exceed a cumulative value of $200 per acre, on the parcels described in section 2 for environmental services at facilities of the department of correction.? The department of corrections shall retain care, custody and control of the parcels and all operation, management and maintenance responsibilities and obligations associated therewith.

Approved January 13, 2005.