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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative James R. Miceli Served 1993 - 2018 Democrat - 19th Middlesex

Photo of  James R. Miceli

State House

District Office

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
H.158  HD.178 An Act authorizing the use of cameras and listening devices in day care centers.
H.159  HD.179 An Act relative to school served food products.
H.540  HD.177 An Act relative to assisted living residencies.
H.782  HD.165 An Act relative to solid waste disposal facilities.
H.783  HD.174 An Act relative to the pollution of water by certain toxic chemicals.
H.784  HD.175 An Act relative to the middlesex canal commission. .
H.785  HD.176 An Act providing for the protection of public water supply.
H.989  HD.173 An Act relative to the conversion of group life policies.
H.1233  HD.172 An Act relative to housing appeals under chapter 40B.
H.1528  HD.171 An Act to create penalties for manslaughter when caused by the operation of a motor vehicle.
H.1941  HD.163 An Act relative to department of mental health patients
H.1942  HD.164 An Act relative to the temporary release of persons under the care of the department of mental health
H.2252  HD.269 An Act relative to certain missing persons.
H.2520  HD.157 An Act relative to the forgiveness of Thomas Showronski's moral obligation.
H.2521  HD.265 An Act authorizing the certification of Daniel E. Murray to a civil service list for the State Police notwithstanding the maximum age requirement.
H.2831  HD.162 An Act relative to certain tax deductions
H.2832  HD.170 An Act exempting senior citizens from the motor vehicle excise tax.
H.3008  HD.160 An Act authorizing the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance to convey certain land in the town of Wilmington
H.3009  HD.166 An Act designating the elephant as the official mammal of the commonwealth
H.3269  HD.158 An Act relative to certain fees of the registry of motor vehicles.
H.3270  HD.168 An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for paratroopers
H.3271  HD.169 An Act relative to disabled veterans' motor vehicles plates.
H.3272  HD.2944 An Act relative to MBTA parking fees.
H.3380  HD.161 An Act relative to headstones for deceased members of the Massachusetts National Guard
H.3620  HD.383 An Act providing for financial disclosure by municipal officers.
H.3818  HD.159 An Act regulating the keeping of swine in the town of Tewksbury
H.3906  HD.4204 An Act relative to alcoholics and substance abusers.
H.3975  HD.4037 An Act to provide for the demolition, removal and site cleanup of abandoned houses at Tewksbury State Hospital.
H.3976  HD.4134 An Act proving for financial disclosure by municipal officers.
H.4044  HD.3336 An Act to amend the Enabling Act of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to include an additional water community.
H.4061  HD.4039 An Act amending the town of Wilmington sewer act.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.