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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Thomas M. Stanley Democrat - 9th Middlesex

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.84  SD.1568 An Act relative to reckless endangerment of persons with disabilities.
S.90  SD.991 An Act to sustain community preservation.
S.131  SD.288 An Act Increasing Access to More Affordable Legal Service Plans
S.132  SD.947 An Act to protect victims of unlicensed debt collection activity.
H.152  HD.997 An Act regarding spouses as caregivers.
H.153  HD.1040 An Act to support and increase the number of qualified providers of intensive intervention providers for children with autism spectrum disorders.
H.154  HD.1071 An Act relative to the humane treatment of disabled persons.
H.155  HD.1109 An Act establishing an autism commission.
H.156  HD.1155 An Act establishing a pilot program for adults with Asperger Syndrome and Autism.
H.177  HD.3949 An Act creating a means for tracking the unmet need of individuals with developmental disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
H.178  HD.3952
S.228  SD.1470 An Act relative to bullying.
H.242  HD.180 An Act establishing a car buyer bill of rights
H.244  HD.2912 An Act relative to requiring photo identification for credit card purchases.
S.278  SD.1968 An Act to fulfill the promise of education reform: adequate funding for student success.
S.312  SD.1631 An Act repealing the nursing home tax.
H.316  HD.760 An Act relative to identity theft in the commonwealth.
S.343  SD.304 An Act prohibiting campaign signs on public property.
S.346  SD.1768 An Act Relative to Fundraising Receptions During Budget Deliberations.
S.347  SD.2008 An Act to Restore Public Confidence in Government by Eliminating "Pay-to-Play" Opportunities .
H.385  HD.2914 An Act relative to dress codes in public schools.
S.395  SD.293 An Act Relative to the responsible reduction in the use of plastic bags
S.396  SD.296 An Act protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth
H.400  HD.2423 An Act relative to the sale of anti-freeze.
S.401  SD.1609 An Act to establish a water infrastructure finance commission
S.404  SD.1846 An Act Relative to the Reduction of Particulate Emissions From Diesel Engines.
H.411  HD.3740 An Act establishing a grant program for the purpose of expanding learning time and improving student success.
H.413  HD.3742 Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to child suicide.
S.428  SD.706 An Act relative to the sewer rate relief fund.
S.429  SD.720 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program.
S.430  SD.729 An Act establishing a lead service replacement program - municipal reimbursement.
S.432  SD.1035 An Act to protect children from bisphenol-A.
H.445  HD.309 An Act further providing for reimbursement to cities and towns for extraordinary special education costs.
H.448  HD.1783 An Act to promote healthy school meals.
H.455  HD.1942 An Act protecting students against bullying, cyberbullying, and teen dating violence.
H.459  HD.1023 An Act relating to the special education circuit breaker to incentivize the provision of in district education.
H.460  HD.1049 An Act to provide greater financial cost share of special education to sending districts under the special education circuit breaker.
H.462  HD.3111 An Act relative to improving the treatment of Asthma in children.
H.493  HD.3941 An Act Ensure Students with Disabilities Succeed as Adults: Transition Coordinators.
H.494  HD.2573 An Act relating to improving quality in early education and care by family child care providers.
H.505  HD.3213 An Act concerning the science and technology MCAS test.
H.523  HD.769 An Act relative to the Massachusetts YouthBuild program.
H.531  HD.1364 An Act increasing the penalties for unfair and deceptive actions perpetrated against persons with disabilities and senior citizens.
H.536  HD.1720 An Act relative to assist families care for elders.
H.560  HD.223 An Act relative to campaign finance.
H.572  HD.3359 An Act relative to prohibiting the collection of signatures for initiative or referendum petitions for compensation. .
H.574  HD.1842 An Act to remove restrictions on absentee voting.
H.576  HD.421 An Act to establish election day registration.
H.603  HD.4313 An Act to create a silver alert program to protect seniors.
S.614  SD.57 An Act to promote higher education among employees of human services provider organizations.
S.616  SD.426 An Act establishing an education loan repayment program for social workers and direct care human service workers.
H.618  HD.1126 An Act establishing a tax credit for hiring individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
H.619  HD.4292 An Act relative to municipal relief.
H.624  HD.238 An Act relative to the Home of the Brave.
S.633  SD.876 An Act Relative to authorizing cities and towns to impose mitigation fees on certain housing developments.
H.649  HD.410 An Act to ensure secure voting equipment.
H.650  HD.2284 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to a vacancy in the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor
H.652  HD.3787 An Act to provide for audits of election results .
H.660  HD.2035 An Act relative to the agreement among states to elect the President by national popular vote.
H.661  HD.2162 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution authorizing the General Court to provide for absentee voting
H.671  HD.3661 An Act Relative To Certain Campaign Finance Reports.
H.683  HD.3895 An Act Relative to Pre-Registration of Voters.
H.689  HD.676 An Act to establish early voting.
S.695  SD.23 An Act relative to workers compensation for veterans.
H.719  HD.1088 An Act Relative to Plastic Bag Reduction.
H.725  HD.3072 An Act to Prohibit the Additional Incineration of Solid Waste.
H.732  HD.1923 An Act relative to flood storage.
H.733  HD.3760 An Act relative to flood storage.
H.755  HD.364 An Act to prevent the use of the most dangerous pesticides.
H.756  HD.365 An Act to reduce solid waste in the Commonwealth.
H.757  HD.3093 An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
S.767  SD.1943 An Act to allow impact fees.
S.774  SD.1448 An Act Relative to Puppy Mills.
H.774  HD.1129 An Act authorizing the establishment of old growth forest reserves.
H.779  HD.434 An Act to support the infiltration/inflow financial assistance program.
S.800  SD.1778 An Act establishing a Commission to Reduce Unnecessary Wait Time for Children with Special Health Care Needs To Receive Needed Medical Equipment Such as Wheelchairs and Lifts.
H.822  HD.3766 An Act to Create a World Class Park System.
H.824  HD.3956 An Act To Require Recycling in Public Buildings.
H.854  HD.1340 An Act reducing diesel emissions from non road construction vehicles.
H.888  HD.739 An Act relative to an appeal process of motor vehicle insurance surcharges under managed competition.
H.898  HD.2951 An Act relative to diagnostic screening for prostate cancer. .
H.910  HD.1012 An Act to provide coverage for hearing aids for children.
H.915  HD.3709 An Act relative to coverage and standards of treatment of persons with bleeding disorders.
H.939  HD.1711 An Act relative to anesthesia coverage for children hospitalized for dental treatment.
H.940  HD.1772 An Act relative to access to health insurance for human service providers and their employees.
H.941  HD.1797 An Act to improve access to child and adolescent mental health services.
H.998  HD.3831 An Act relative to farmers' market insurance.
S.1044  SD.477 An Act relative to the annual allowance for widows and widowers of certain public employees.
S.1085  SD.1433 An Act relative to increasing the cost of living adjustment (cola) base.
H.1095  HD.2209 An Act creating a special commission on institutional long term care services.
H.1135  HD.4380 An Act authorizing the abatement of certain property tax assessments in the Town of Lexington.
S.1151  SD.557 An Act relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees.
S.1152  SD.568 An Act modifying the retirement benefits of certain widows and surviving spouses.
H.1164  HD.305 An Act relative to providing free tuition for public school teachers.
S.1164  SD.616 An Act relative to disability pension benefits and earnings.
S.1217  SD.1910 An Act Relative to Dental Insurance for Certain Retirees.
H.1220  HD.1687 An Act relative to energy efficiency in affordable housing.
S.1222  SD.424 An Act relative to the cost of living adjustment for public retirees.
S.1267  SD.900 An Act to Encourage Lawyers to practice public Interest law.
S.1270  SD.1595 An Act establishing the Commonwealth Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund.
S.1271  SD.1634 An Act establishing a municipal gas tax exemption.
S.1272  SD.1640 An Act establishing financial hardship property tax interest relief.
S.1331  SD.1932 An Act establishing the local aid stabilization fund.
S.1415  SD.1588 An Act Relative to Lobbyist Reform.
H.1473  HD.408 An Act relative to the geographical jurisdiction of the housing court.
S.1489  SD.943 An Act to Improve Recycling Rates in the Commonwealth Through the Convenient Location of Receptacles.
H.1654  HD.3356 An Act Relating to Lead Poisoning Regulations.
H.1675  HD.2837 An Act Relative to Motor Vehicle Homicide.
S.1687  SD.389 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
S.1693  SD.1627 An Act further regulating sex offender registration.
H.1703  HD.3642 An Act Relative to Illegal Firearms.
H.1728  HD.431 An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes.
S.1756  SD.1240 An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care
H.1780  HD.2291 An Act to require national background checks.
H.1794  HD.385 An Act to prohibit restrictive employment covenants
H.1797  HD.878 An Act Establishing A Temporary Worker's Right To Know.
H.1799  HD.1078 An Act Relative to Non-Compete Agreements.
H.1815  HD.1726 An Act establishing paid sick days.
H.1863  HD.919 An Act relative to the penalty for failure to timely report injuries under the workers' compensation act.
H.1867  HD.2616 An Act Modernizing and Protecting the Unemployment Insurance System
S.1934  SD.1555 An Act to promote and and advance motorcycle safety.
H.1934  HD.1724 An Act relative to inpatient admissions to psychiatric hospitals and facilities licensed by the department of mental health.
H.1935  HD.2404 An Act relative to mental health services in Massachusetts correctional institutions, houses of correction and jails.
H.1945  HD.3935 An Act regarding rights of persons receiving services from program or facilities of the department of mental health.
H.2054  HD.1151 An Act restricting the sale of tobacco products at locations where health professionals are employed.
H.2060  HD.2681 An Act relative to optometrists scope of practice.
H.2077  HD.304 An Act relative to access to epinephrine in schools.
H.2084  HD.1780 An Act to reduce medication errors in the Commonwealth.
H.2145  HD.1903 An Act relative to firefighters.
H.2161  HD.3218 An Act to require environmentally safe alternatives to harmful cleaning products.
H.2247  HD.1190 An Act to improve the ballistic database through microstamping ammunition.
H.2293  HD.2029 An Act to build and renovate fire and police stations in the commonwealth.
H.2349  HD.3184 An Act Relative to Health Insurance for Surviving Spouses.
H.2350  HD.3207 An Act Further Regulating Group Insurance Commission Benefits for State Employees and Retired State Employees.
H.2351  HD.3247 An Act Regulating Appeals under the Group Insurance Commission.
H.2435  HD.1909 An Act To Provide an Interest Arbitration Alternative for Firefighters.
H.2483  HD.240 An Act relative to the minimum pension for retirees.
H.2484  HD.241 An Act relative to eligibility for state group health insurance.
H.2487  HD.244 An Act relative to cost of living adjustments for retired public employees of the Commonwealth. .
H.2488  HD.414 An Act relative to certain health insurance options for municipal retirees.
H.2489  HD.418 AN ACT expanding benefits available to municipalities with membership in the Group Insurance Commission.
H.2570  HD.2048 An Act to provide funding of certain collective bargaining agreements.
H.2639  HD.2866 An Act relative to the resolution of school labor disputes .
H.2674  HD.1256 An Act exempting certain fraternal organizations from the tax of sales of alcoholic beverages.
H.2812  HD.3842 An Act relative to historic residential tax credit.
H.2820  HD.2395 An Act to exempt certain veterans from the state tax.
H.2821  HD.2545 An Act to exempt small charities from tax upon raffle proceeds.
H.2828  HD.445 An Act relative to the water resources funding act.
H.2829  HD.449 An Act to expand the septic tax credit.
H.2833  HD.3105 An Act creating a tax exemption for college savings plan contributions.
H.2884  HD.1882 An Act relative to firefighter and police memorial fund.
H.2907  HD.1206 An Act relative to telecommunication property taxes paid to cities and towns
H.2908  HD.2716 An Act Creating a Local Option Allowing A Tax Credit for the Cost of for The Cost of Purchase and Installation of Alternative Energy Equipment
H.2972  HD.3716 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Revenues and Expenditures Transparency Act.
H.3000  HD.376 An Act requiring appropriation bills to include estimated amounts for the following fiscal year.
H.3001  HD.415 An Act to promote municipal efficiency and innovation through regional collaboration.
H.3004  HD.2276 An Act facilitating the development of underutilized properties formerly operated by the department of mental health or the department of mental retardation for supported housing for people deemed eligible for services by the department of mental health or the department of mental retardation.
H.3023  HD.3851 An Act Recognizing Massachusetts State Parks Day.
H.3087  HD.2179 An Act relative to the establishment of municipal lighting authorities.
H.3100  HD.1193 An Act relative to the cost of new electrical transmission .
H.3101  HD.1538 An Act relative to energy planning.
H.3102  HD.1545 An Act relative to DPU hearings regarding new electric transmission projects.
H.3110  HD.1493 An Act requiring public utilities to provide prepaid postage to elderly persons.
H.3120  HD.334 An Act relative to electric street poles.
H.3123  HD.1162 An Act relative to telephone directories
H.3129  HD.3492
H.3131  HD.2077 An Act relative to consumer choice of green electricity.
H.3137  HD.1382 An Act to improve recycling rates in the commonwealth by providing recycling containers adjacent to beverage vending machines.
H.3205  HD.2982 An Act relative to the registry of motor vehicles .
H.3233  HD.2815 An Act to Protect Children in Vehicles from Secondhand Smoke.
H.3241  HD.833 An Act providing additional funding for the affordable housing trust fund. .
H.3252  HD.409 An Act relative to local zoning regulations at Laurence G. Hanscom Field.
H.3393  HD.1897 Resolve to establish a special commission to evaluate the status of Massachusetts veterans long term care services
H.3404  HD.1363 An Act protecting graves of veterans.
H.3421  HD.1282 An Act to improve the personal care attendant program.
H.3438  HD.1398 An Act to protect the natural resources of the Commonwealth.
H.3441  HD.1254 An Act protecting the Commonwealth's lakes and ponds.
H.3463  HD.1366 An Act preserving publicly assisted affordable housing.
H.3546  HD.2242 An Act protecting residents of the commonwealth from door-to-door solicitors.
H.3568  HD.2265 An Act Establishing An Education Loan Repayment Program For Social Workers And Credentialed Direct Care Human Service Workers.
H.3573  HD.1557 An Act preserving publicly assisted affordable housing.
H.3671  HD.3136 An Act relative to the leasing of (3) parcels of land in the City of Boston.
H.3682  HD.3295 An Act relative to elderly housing.
H.3696  HD.2672 An Act establishing a youth workforce system in the commonwealth.
H.3803  HD.1117 An Act establishing a three year phase in of transportation costs into the special education circuit breaker.
H.3804  HD.1180 An Act addressing bullying of children with autism spectrum disorder.
H.3809  HD.984 An Act relative to insurance coverage for autism.
H.3844  HD.1097 An Act establishing an autism license plate.
H.3916  HD.4072 An Act further regulating funeral directors.
H.3923  HD.4205 An Act establishing the Alzheimer's State Plan Commission.
H.4068  HD.3954 An Act establishing and regulating resort-style entertainment in the Commonwealth.
H.4077  HD.1057 An Act to promote demographic accountability for commonwealth charter schools.
H.4078  HD.1064 An Act to promote civic engagement in the charter school approval process.
H.4079  HD.1090 An Act reimbursing cities and towns for special education transportation costs.
H.4192  HD.4502 An Act to simplify and facilitate the establishment of a municipal lighting plant by the town of Lexington.
H.4750  HD.4572 An Act to Maintain the Operation of Public Swimming Pools.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.