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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Walter F. Timilty Democrat - Norfolk, Plymouth and Bristol

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  SD.17 An Act relative to the disability retirement of Casey L'Italien, a police officer in the city known as the town of Randolph
  SD.511 An Act relative to consumers and workers
  SD.514 Resolve establishing a special commission to study the impact of telecommuting on employees of the Commonwealth
  SD.516 An Act to require the Department of Public Health to conduct a study of the health impacts of airplane flights on the resident communities that are represented on the Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee
  SD.519 An Act limiting time period parking lots can remain open
  SD.521 An Act relative to victim witness advocate retirement classification
  SD.570 An Act relative to the safety of fire, police, and emergency medical technicians from contagious diseases
  SD.574 An Act relative to the retirement options of certain educational personnel
  SD.575 An Act relative to funding of the Massachusetts State House police memorial
  SD.578 An Act relative to the flying of the flag of the Commonwealth at half staff on state buildings and installations
  SD.581 An Act designating March as Fibromuscular Dysplasia Awareness Month
  SD.613 An Act relative to school safety and security
  SD.641 An Act establishing speed limits on portions of state highway route 28 and Chickatawbut road in the town of Milton
  SD.740 An Act directing the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to install sound barriers in Quincy and Braintree
  SD.748 An Act providing safeguards for home healthcare workers
  SD.755 An Act relative to the human resources division's civil service unit
  SD.757 An Act relative to certain licensed pipefitters and refrigeration technicians
  SD.768 An Act relative to the Technical Rescue Services Fund
  SD.784 An Act relative to ambulance service reimbursement
  SD.788 An Act relative to hazardous material teams
  SD.804 An Act relative to certain tax exemptions for non-profit educational institutions
  SD.806 An Act requiring a parent or guardian who is exempt from property tax to reimburse a child’s school for tuition
  SD.821 Resolve establishing a special commission to ensure the safety and sustainability of non-profit public events
  SD.826 An Act relative to insurance coverage of mobile integrated health
  SD.828 An Act relative to the creation of the Massachusetts Public Safety Building Authority
  SD.1185 An Act relative to establishing an emergency food assistance committee
  SD.1188 Resolve establishing a commission to study childhood hunger in Norfolk County as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  SD.1192 An Act relative to furthering the success of opiate intervention programs
  SD.1198 An Act relative to fair radius restrictions of transfer stations
  SD.1201 An Act relative to requiring notification of hazardous utility work to local and regional emergency departments
  SD.1204 An Act relative to the expansion of the commuter rail and ferry low-income fare program
  SD.1209 An Act exempting veterans from civil service exam fees
  SD.1215 An Act relative to protecting residents from hazardous traffic conditions
  SD.1232 An Act relative to expanding the MBTA reduced fare program to include veterans
  SD.1256 An Act relative to ensuring equity in healthcare access for veterans
  SD.1315 An Act relative to COVID-19 complications for public safety employees
  SD.1342 Resolve establishing a joint task force to study the utilization of Department of Conservation and Recreation sites for educational programming for safe outdoor learning
  SD.1346 Resolve establishing a special commission to review advancements in educational technology, digital/online learning and related programs in order to provide the Commonwealth with the most current research and information
  SD.1375 An Act relative to non-opioid alternatives in pain treatment
  SD.1417 An Act creating a behavioral health emergency response pilot program
  SD.1429 An Act requiring the construction of certain parking facilities to be capable of supporting electric vehicle charging stations
  SD.1996 An Act authorizing the town of Milton to issue a license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises
  SD.2020 An Act relative to food stamp enrollment for seniors
  SD.2025 An Act to authorize creditable service for certain public higher education faculty and professional employees
  SD.2040 An Act relative to creditable service for school business administrators
  HD.3978 An Act relative to non-opioid alternatives in pain treatment
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.