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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Order H.5081 191st (2019 - 2020)

Study Order

Order relative to civil liability, child welfare, the justice system, public safety, drugs offenses, assault and other Judiciary issues

Bill Information

Joint Committee on the Judiciary
Referred to House Committee on Rules

Order History

Displaying 5 actions for Order H.5081
Date Branch Action
11/12/2020 House Reported from the committee on The Judiciary
11/12/2020 House Accompanied by H54, H58, H59, H60, H61, H62, H63, H64, H71, H76, H1151, H1329, H1331, H1332, H1333, H1334, H1335, H1336, H1337, H1338, H1339, H1340, H1342, H1344, H1345, H1347, H1348, H1349, H1350, H1351, H1352, H1353, H1354, H1355, H1356, H1357, H1359, H1360, H1361, H1362, H1363, H1364, H1365, H1366, H1367, H1368, H1369, H1370, H1371, H1374, H1375, H1376, H1377, H1378, H1379, H1380, H1381, H1382, H1384, H1385, H1386, H1387, H1388, H1389, H1390, H1391, H1392, H1393, H1394, H1395, H1397, H1398, H1399, H1400, H1401, H1402, H1403, H1404, H1405, H1406, H1407, H1408, H1409, H1410, H1411, H1412, H1414, H1415, H1417, H1418, H1419, H1420, H1421, H1422, H1423, H1424, H1425, H1426, H1427, H1428, H1429, H1430, H1431, H1432, H1433, H1434, H1437, H1438, H1439, H1440, H1441, H1442, H1444, H1445, H1446, H1447, H1448, H1449, H1450, H1451, H1452, H1453, H1454, H1455, H1456, H1457, H1458, H1459, H1460, H1461, H1462, H1463, H1464, H1465, H1467, H1468, H1469, H1470, H1471, H1472, H1473, H1476, H1477, H1478, H1479, H1480, H1481, H1482, H1483, H1484, H1486, H1489, H1490, H1491, H1493, H1494, H1496, H1497, H1498, H1499, H1500, H1501, H1502, H1503, H1504, H1505, H1506, H1507, H1508, H1509, H1510, H1511, H1512, H1513, H1514, H1515, H1516, H1518, H1519, H1520, H1521, H1522, H1524, H1525, H1526, H1527, H1528, H1529, H1530, H1531, H1532, H1533, H1534, H1535, H1536, H1539, H1540, H1541, H1542, H1543, H1544, H1545, H1546, H1547, H1548, H1549, H1551, H1552, H1553, H1554, H1555, H1556, H1557, H1558, H1559, H1560, H1561, H1563, H1564, H1566, H1567, H1568, H1569, H1570, H1571, H1573, H1574, H1575, H1576, H1577, H1578, H1579, H1580, H1581, H1582, H1583, H1584, H1585, H1586, H1587, H1588, H1590, H3247, H3248, H3249, H3252, H3253, H3254, H3255, H3256, H3257, H3258, H3262, H3264, H3267, H3269, H3270, H3271, H3272, H3273, H3276, H3278, H3279, H3280, H3281, H3282, H3283, H3284, H3285, H3286, H3287, H3288, H3289, H3290, H3291, H3292, H3293, H3294, H3295, H3296, H3297, H3298, H3299, H3300, H3301, H3302, H3303, H3304, H3305, H3306, H3307, H3308, H3309, H3310, H3311, H3312, H3313, H3314, H3315, H3316, H3317, H3318, H3319, H3321, H3322, H3323, H3324, H3327, H3328, H3329, H3333, H3334, H3335, H3336, H3337, H3338, H3339, H3340, H3341, H3342, H3343, H3344, H3345, H3346, H3347, H3348, H3349, H3350, H3351, H3352, H3353, H3354, H3355, H3356, H3357, H3358, H3359, H3360, H3361, H3362, H3363, H3364, H3365, H3366, H3368, H3369, H3370, H3371, H3372, H3373, H3374, H3375, H3376, H3377, H3378, H3379, H3380, H3381, H3382, H3383, H3384, H3385, H3386, H3387, H3389, H3390, H3391, H3393, H3394, H3395, H3396, H3397, H3398, H3399, H3400, H3401, H3402, H3403, H3404, H3405, H3406, H3407, H3408, H3409, H3410, H3411, H3412, H3415, H3416, H3417, H3418, H3419, H3423, H3424, H3425, H3426, H3428, H3429, H3430, H3431, H3432, H3433, H3434, H3435, H3436, H3437, H3438, H3439, H3440, H3441, H3442, H3443, H3444, H3446, H3448, H3449, H3450, H3451, H3453, H3454, H3456, H3458, H3459, H3460, H3461, H3462, H3463, H3464, H3465, H3466, H3467, H3469, H3470, H3471, H3472, H3473, H3474, H3475, H3476, H3477, H3478, H3563, H3564, H3565, H3568, H3569, H3570, H3589, H3607, H3609, H3656, H3658, H3659, H3717, H3718, H3719, H3720, H3721, H3745, H3768, H3769, H3771, H3773, H3774, H3808, H3833, H3834, H3882, H4092, H4136, H4138, H4186 and H4187
11/12/2020 House Order reported favorably by committee and referred to the committee on Joint Rules
11/12/2020 House Discharged to the committee on House Rules
1/5/2021 House No further action taken

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