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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Michael W. Morrissey Served 1993 - 2010 - Norfolk and Plymouth

Bill Docket Bill Pinslip/Title
S.60  SD.811 An Act to provide an income tax exemption for families caring for their elderly relatives at home.
S.153  SD.494 An Act relative to the certification of drain cleaners.
S.154  SD.500 An Act relative to technical corrections to chapter 465 of the acts of 1980.
S.156  SD.539 An Act further regulating pawn shops.
S.157  SD.542 An Act prohibiting the sale of lottery tickets on credit.
S.159  SD.605 An Act relative to alcoholic beverage distributers in the Commonwealth.
S.161  SD.740 An Act regarding real estate appraisal trainees.
S.162  SD.745 An Act authorizing and directing the Commissioner of Insurance to promulgate rules and regulations concerning the licensing of marine surveyors.
S.163  SD.748 An Act establishing the home improvement contractor council.
S.164  SD.753 An Act to allow gambling pools for the NFLl superbowl and NCAA basketball tournament.
S.165  SD.766 An Act relative to the Board of Registration in Embalming and Funeral Directing.
S.166  SD.785 An Act protecting used car buyers .
S.167  SD.788 An Act relative to protecting the consumer rights of wheelchair owners.
S.168  SD.792 An Act providing information to real estate buyers.
S.169  SD.795 An Act relative to limiting certain types of dual alcohol licensure.
S.170  SD.799 An Act relative to the sale of alcoholic beverages to wholesalers.
S.171  SD.802 An Act relative to the recorking of wine.
S.172  SD.806 An Act authorizing underage law enforcement agents to participate in selective liquor enforcement programs.
S.173  SD.895 An Act ensuring the privacy of certain data.
S.174  SD.1710 An Act establishing the Massachusetts gaming control act.
S.262  SD.781 An Act pertaining to legal fees to enforce rights on any contracts for the construction of a school project.
S.263  SD.783 An Act relative to teacher certification.
S.354  SD.776 An Act relative to street lists.
S.413  SD.541 An Act relative to veterans preference on the pilots commission.
S.414  SD.639 An Act relative to mooring permits assigned to entities for rental or leasing purposes.
S.415  SD.750 An Act authorizing the Department of Conservation and Recreation to provide leases to yacht clubs on its property.
S.416  SD.755 An Act creating the blue hills advisory .
S.417  SD.760 An Act relative to establishing the massachusetts conservation corps.
S.418  SD.763 An Act authorizing municipalities to petition for public involvement plans in cases of hazardous material sites.
S.419  SD.770 An Act establishing a study commission on the municipal waterways improvement and maintenance funds.
S.420  SD.772 An Act expanding pleasure boat access to Boston Harbor.
S.421  SD.828 An Act authorizing and directing the director of the division of waterways to dredge the harbor area surrounding marina bay in the city of Quincy.
S.497  SD.669 An Act relative to compliance with reserve requirements of life insurers.
S.498  SD.738 An Act to require financial institutions to pay late fees when it fails to conduct an electronic transfer.
S.499  SD.742 An Act requiring banks to provide immediate overdraft notification.
S.500  SD.744 An Act relative to medical malpractice self insurance trust funds.
S.501  SD.747 An Act relative to benefits for autism.
S.570  SD.1713 An Act relative to the community hospital in-patient psychiatric relief program.
S.571  SD.1715 An Act relative to strategic investment in the Commonwealth’s chronically distressed hospitals program.
S.610  SD.644 An Act to establish a Master of Library Science assistance program.
S.654  SD.734 An Act relative to the condominiums board of directors' closed meetings.
S.655  SD.2015 An Act relative to governmentally involved housing in the city of quincy.
S.702  SD.675 An Act to protect wages of employees who receive wages through an electronic wage card.
S.703  SD.678 An Act to allow Division of Industrial Accident judges the ability address fraud by claimants.
S.704  SD.681 An Act clarifying the term proceedings for Department of Industrial Accident claims.
S.705  SD.684 An Act clarifying a definition in workman's compensation proceedings.
S.745  SD.670 An Act making technical corrections to chapter 232 of the acts of 1998.
S.746  SD.672 An Act relative to the nurses rehabilitation program participant bill of rights .
S.781  SD.666 An Act relative to cities and towns borrowing outside their debt limit.
S.879  SD.662 An Act relative to restroom access for medical reasons.
S.880  SD.2046 An Act further regulating the site assignment process.
S.965  SD.545 An Act relative to the exposure of public safety officials to the aids viruss and infectious hepatitis.
S.966  SD.561 An Act relative to process piping.
S.967  SD.638 An Act prohibiting the use of paint ball guns.
S.968  SD.642 An Act relative to the composition of the boston pilots commission.
S.969  SD.647 An Act relative to the punishment for sale and storage of fireworks.
S.970  SD.649 An Act requiring a firearms licensing authority to provide a receipt for firearm license applications.
S.971  SD.655 An Act prohibiting certain information from being transmitted to the us customs and border protection.
S.972  SD.657 An Act relative to pool fence safety.
S.973  SD.850 An Act relative to the authority of county sheriffs.
S.1151  SD.557 An Act relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees.
S.1152  SD.568 An Act modifying the retirement benefits of certain widows and surviving spouses.
S.1153  SD.570 An Act relative to the salaries of members of the Parole Board.
S.1154  SD.574 An Act relative to ordinary disability retirements.
S.1155  SD.576 An Act relative to certain option C retirees.
S.1156  SD.580 An Act further regulating public retirement systems.
S.1157  SD.582 An Act expanding the eligibility for creditable buyback for certain National Association of Government Employees .
S.1158  SD.589 An Act allowing a city or town to grant retirement credit to veterans.
S.1159  SD.595 An Act relative to the retirement of certain members of the Massachusetts Port Authority Police.
S.1160  SD.597 An Act relative to the granting leave of pay for injuries sustained on the job as police officer or fire fighter.
S.1161  SD.603 An Act relative to group insurance benefits for certain public retirees.
S.1162  SD.609 An Act further regulating retirement laws.
S.1163  SD.612 An Act to provide retirement credit for certain federal employment.
S.1164  SD.616 An Act relative to disability pension benefits and earnings.
S.1165  SD.618 An Act to define surplus for retirement systems.
S.1166  SD.622 An Act defining person for retirement purposes.
S.1167  SD.625 An Act to include county correctional case workers and social workers in group 4 for retirement purposes.
S.1168  SD.630 An Act relative to collective bargaining rights.
S.1169  SD.633 An Act relative to presenting civil service exam results in tenths of a percentage and by highest score first.
S.1170  SD.636 An Act to audit the state’s deferred compensation program.
S.1171  SD.727 An Act relative to limiting state pension benefits.
S.1300  SD.521 An Act relative to proper allocation of the gasoline tax.
S.1301  SD.558 An Act to include renewable energy in community preservation.
S.1302  SD.585 An Act authorizing the board of assessors of the city of Quincy to grant tax abatements to certain military personnel.
S.1303  SD.598 An Act relative to tax exemptions for charitable organizations.
S.1304  SD.611 An Act to exempt certain annuities from taxation.
S.1305  SD.648 An Act to increase the motel-hotel maximum tax from 4.5 per cent to 6.0 percent.
S.1306  SD.688 An Act to further the exemption from taxation of certain real estate and personal estate owned or held in trust for the benefit of certain incorporated war veteran organizations.
S.1307  SD.691 An Act to increase the real estate tax abatement for senior citizens.
S.1308  SD.694 An Act to provide real estate tax abatement to veterans.
S.1309  SD.698 An Act to allow for consolidated tax returns by financial institutions.
S.1310  SD.701 An Act relative to fees for seniors filing with the tax appellate board.
S.1311  SD.707 An Act relative to equitable payment in lieu of taxes.
S.1312  SD.716 An Act to authorize municipalities to grant a discount for early quarterly payments of property taxes.
S.1313  SD.721 An Act relative to the assessment of excise taxes to online cigarette sales.
S.1314  SD.1410 An Act relative to multichannel video programing fees.
S.1315  SD.1569 An Act to expand penalties for non-payment of boat excise tax.
S.1438  SD.546 An Act providing for cooperative purchasing of renewable energy equipment.
S.1439  SD.562 An Act relative to the Bureau of Forest Fire Control.
S.1504  SD.499 An Act relative to comprehensive wind energy siting reform.
S.1505  SD.507 An Act relative to energy efficiency funds generated by municipal lighting plants.
S.1506  SD.553 An Act further regulating directory assistance.
S.1507  SD.593 An Act relative to dynamic pricing for electric customers in the commonwealth.
S.1508  SD.650 An Act relative to the temporary relocation of utility wires.
S.1509  SD.653 An Act to protect the electricity grid.
S.1510  SD.656 An Act to promote regulated utility service.
S.1511  SD.659 An Act to protect electricity consumers and the appropriation process from solicitation or acceptance of utility tariff-based funding for government activities.
S.1512  SD.663 An Act relative to municipal light plants.
S.1513  SD.667 An Act relative to injury caused by poles.
S.1514  SD.674 An Act relative to the authority of the department of telecommunications and cable.
S.1515  SD.679 An Act providing for the annual inspection of schools, churches, hospitals, theatres, arenas, and other public buildings by gas corporations in the commonwealth.
S.1516  SD.683 An Act relative to utility service call centers.
S.1517  SD.830 An Act relative to wireless telephone service.
S.1518  SD.838 An Act promoting further renewable energy competition.
S.1519  SD.841 An Act relative to the licensing of telecommunications professionals.
S.1520  SD.1354 An Act establishing the oilheat energy efficiency program.
S.1521  SD.1540 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.
S.1522  SD.1601 An Act relative to deployment and investment in advanced voice services.
S.1758  SD.504 An Act relative to Plymouth county assistant clerk magistrates.
S.1761  SD.524 An Act relative to civil asset forfeiture.
S.1763  SD.549 An Act to establish a commission on judicial compensation.
S.1764  SD.619 An Act relative to juvenile intimidation of witnesses.
S.1765  SD.690 An Act establishing a clerk overseeing lottery winnings disputes in the Superior Court of Norfolk County.
S.1766  SD.692 An Act regulating sex offender registration in the 21st century.
S.1767  SD.696 An Act relative to the payment of restitution for vandalism.
S.1768  SD.700 An Act further regulating the admission of evidence of medical and hospital service reports and records.
S.1769  SD.705 An Act providing for the protection of justices of the commonwealth.
S.1770  SD.708 An Act permitting judges to require probationers to pay the out-of-pocket costs of their probation.
S.1771  SD.713 An Act prohibiting the possession by or sale of spray paint to minors.
S.1772  SD.715 An Act relating to damages paid by insurance companies under Chapter 93A.
S.1773  SD.718 An Act relative to acceptence of gifts or grants by the district attorneys .
S.1774  SD.723 An Act permitting persons to bring car damage arising from a pothole against the public entity into small claims court.
S.1775  SD.726 An Act to impose civil liability on persons who provide alcohol to minors.
S.1776  SD.732 An Act further regulating the appointment of a health care agent.
S.1778  SD.1642 An Act to require judicial foreclosure.
S.1875  SD.544 An Act making a technical correction to chapter 258 of the acts of 2006.
S.1940  SD.495 An Act relative to the renewal of motor vehicle licenses.
S.1941  SD.511 An Act relative to the transfer of boat registration between family members.
S.1942  SD.629 An Act directing the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to install sound barriers in Quincy and Braintree.
S.1943  SD.631 An Act relative to the helmet law standards.
S.1944  SD.635 An Act relative to the modification of the helmet law.
S.2010  SD.623 An Act to provide employment protection for disabled veterans and veterans who are not members of civil service.
S.2011  SD.686 An Act relative to worker's compensation as it relates to employees who are members of the armed services or national guard.
S.2035  SD.759 An Act to study and expand charitable gaming.
S.2036  SD.773 An Act increasing beano prizes.
S.2037  SD.845 An Act relative to multi-jurisdictional lottery games.
S.2039  SD.501 An Act revitalizing live racing in the Commonwealth.
S.2065  SD.2123 An Act relative to MBTS Billboards in the city of Quincy.
S.2091  SD.2141 An Act authorizing the City of Quincy to establish neighborhood speed reduction zones.
S.2227  SD.2331 An Act establishing a sick leave bank for John Riordan, an employee of the Trial Court.
S.2248  SD.2097 An Act establishing a study commission on the enhancement of compliance rates for payment of vessel excise taxes.
S.2249  SD.2143 An Act relative to the senior circuit breaker tax credit.
S.2320  SD.2329 An Act Relative to Water Company Infrastructure Projects.
S.2336  SD.2476 An Act banning texting while driving in the city of Quincy.
S.2474  SD.2619 An Act relative to the continued use of Memorial Park in the town of Rockland.
S.2475  SD.2620 An Act Relative to the Position of Deputy Chief of Police in the Town of Rockland.
S.2477  SD.2096 An Act expanding automobile insurance coverage options to include the diminished value of automobiles.
S.2480  SD.2099 An Act prohibiting the adverse possession of state, county and municipal land.
S.2491  SD.2629 An Act relative to an enterprise fund in the town of Abington.
S.2639  SD.2682 An Act authorizing the city of Quincy to abate certain fiscal year 2010 real property taxes.
S.155  SD.532 An Act to regulate the sale and use of microwave ovens. This bill is by request. *
S.158  SD.601 An Act relative to the actions of condominium trustees. This bill is by request. *
S.160  SD.736 An Act to designate a retired plumber's license. This bill is by request. *
S.261  SD.492 An Act to require students to respect senior citizen teachers. This bill is by request. *
S.321  SD.530 An Act relative to meals on wheels. This bill is by request. *
S.1150  SD.528 An Act to provide have the veterans creditable buyback to credit vacation accruals and seniority determinations for the purpose of employment. This bill is by request. *
S.1440  SD.615 An Act providing that no other flag or pennant be flown higher than the American flag. This bill is by request. *
S.1441  SD.817 An Act designating certain park land as Harvest River Park. This bill is by request. *
S.1759  SD.506 An Act relative to the determination of paternity. This bill is by request. *
S.1760  SD.518 An Act modifying anti-discrimination laws. This bill is by request. *
S.1762  SD.526 An Act to require cosmetologist who provide services in senior housing complexes to have a cori check. This bill is by request. *
S.1777  SD.1550 An Act relative to the civil rights of certain medical procedures. This bill is by request. *
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.