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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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HD.4543 Hecht, Jonathan An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Nelly Montanez, an employee of the department of environmental protection

SD.2596 Tran, Dean A. An Act relative to emergency insulin access

S.2369 Jehlen, Patricia D. An Act relative to the terms for members of the city of Somerville's Zoning Board of Appeals

SD.2590 Cape Ann Transportation Authority Cape Ann Transportation Authority Report

SD.2589 Pioneer Valley Transit Authority Pioneer Valley Transit Authority Report

H.4121 Rogers, David M. Relative to a Cannabis Policy Committee Hearing in Leicester

S.2367 Ways and Means (S) An Act to protect persons with intellectual or developmental disability from abuse

S.2368 Ways and Means (S) An Act relative to children’s health and wellness

SD.2587 Franklin Regional Transit Authority Franklin Regional Transit Authority Report

H.4128 Galvin, William C. Amendment Order for House Bill 4127, “An Act making appropriations for fiscal year 2019 to provide for supplementing certain existing appropriations ...

SD.2594 Lewis, Jason M. An Act prohibiting for-profit correctional facilities

S.2374 Keenan, John F. An Act providing for the exchange of certain park land in the town of Rockland

S.2065 Cyr, Julian An Act relative to an arts license plate

S.1058 Cyr, Julian An Act relative to compliance with the fair minimum wage

S.1827 Cyr, Julian An Act commemorating first landing day

S.1828 Cyr, Julian An Act relative to government efficiency

S.261 Cyr, Julian An Act relative to the availability of sunscreen for students

S.530 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act regulating the processing of lobsters

S.186 Tarr, Bruce E. An Act relative to the granting of alcoholic beverages licenses not to be consumed on the premises by the town of Rockport

H.251 Hogan, Kate An Act relative to charitable alcohol donations

H.1914 Hogan, Kate An Act to improve access to family physicians

H.1161 Hogan, Kate An Act to protect MassHealth applicants facing undue hardship

H.1002 Hogan, Kate An Act expanding access to telemedicine services

H.2495 Hogan, Kate An Act in aid of libraries

H.2716 Hogan, Kate An Act designating the blanding turtle as the official turtle of the Commonwealth