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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on the Judiciary


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.730  An Act relative to governmental and charitable tort liability William N. Brownsberger
S.750  An Act relative to certain proceedings relating to corporations Cynthia S. Creem
S.760  An Act relative to strengthening the anti-slapp law Cynthia S. Creem
S.769  An Act to require the reporting of satisfaction of judgments awarding money damages Cynthia S. Creem
S.777  An Act relative to insubstantial, frivolous or bad faith claims in district and municipal courts Cynthia S. Creem
S.779  An Act to authorize transfer of supplementary proceedings when the judgment debtor moves to another district Cynthia S. Creem
S.782  An Act relative to small claims Cynthia S. Creem
S.788  An Act relative to supplementary process Cynthia S. Creem
S.789  An Act relative to providing a safe harbor for good samaritans Viriato M. deMacedo
S.801  An Act relative to the emergency administration of certain overdose prevention drugs Sal N. DiDomenico
S.803  An Act relative to improving access to emergency treatment plans Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.804  An Act further defining fraud in public construction contracts Eileen M. Donoghue
S.815  An Act relative to construction defect claims by condominium owners James B. Eldridge
S.816  An Act to encourage lawyers to practice public interest law James B. Eldridge
S.821  An Act relative to Board of Bar Overseers annual registration fees Jennifer L. Flanagan
S.831  An Act relative to advertising by a justice of the peace Anne M. Gobi
S.833  An Act relative to justices of the peace Anne M. Gobi
S.837  An Act relative to littering fines Robert L. Hedlund
S.856  An Act relative to prejudgment interest rates Jason M. Lewis
S.860  An Act An act relative to youth emancipation Barbara A. L'Italien
S.867  An Act amending the statute of limitations in civil rights actions Joan B. Lovely
S.870  An Act to clarify the charitable purposes of certain organizations Thomas M. McGee
S.874  An Act revising the charitable immunity cap Mark C. Montigny
S.875  An Act Relative to Public Charity Executive and Board of Directors Compensation Mark C. Montigny
S.877  An Act extending the statute of limitations for certain actions involving international human rights abuses Mark C. Montigny
S.886  An Act relative to indemnification of University of Massachusetts Police Michael O. Moore
S.887  An Act relative to civil infractions for Juveniles Anthony W. Petruccelli
S.888  An Act relative to standing to file certain appeals in the superior or land court Michael J. Rodrigues
S.893  An Act relative to employee records Richard J. Ross
S.897  An Act relative to Forest Hills Cemetery Michael F. Rush
S.898  Resolutions for the State of Massachusetts to Rescind all previous calls for an Article V Constitutional Convention Michael F. Rush
S.923  An Act Consumer Legal Equalization Act Bruce E. Tarr
S.925  An Act requiring notice and an opportunity to repair certain construction defects Bruce E. Tarr
S.938  An Act relative to private right of action to preserve public safety Bruce E. Tarr
S.945  An Act relative to gang violence and witness intimidation James E. Timilty
S.1988  An Act relative to prejudgment interest William N. Brownsberger
H.32  An Act making uniform the law regarding trade secrets COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
H.35  An Act to rename the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act and make other amendments thereto COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
H.37  An Act revising the Uniform Arbitration Act for commercial disputes COMMISSION ON UNIFORM STATE LAWS
H.1163  An Act relative to selling tattooing, branding, body piercing kit or device to an unlicensed body art practitioner or minor Bruce J. Ayers
H.1192  An Act relative to the social host statute Garrett J. Bradley
H.1195  An Act to protect intellectual property and trade secrets to promote economic development and job creation Garrett J. Bradley
H.1196  An Act to simplify administrative aspect of evidentiary use of medical information Garrett J. Bradley
H.1201  An Act providing indemnity from prosecution for probation officers and court officers employed by the Trial Court Michael D. Brady
H.1218  An Act to prevent vexatious litigation and waste of judicial resources Thomas J. Calter
H.1232  An Act to increase the penalty for school tardiness Tackey Chan
H.1234  An Act providing for equitable rights to indemnity for public employees Tackey Chan
H.1237  An Act relative to stop fraudulent representation of business against performers Tackey Chan
H.1238  An Act relative to filing slander against anonymous parties on the internet Tackey Chan
H.1252  An Act reducing interest paid by local governments Josh S. Cutler
H.1276  An Act relative to use of ways by pedestrians (i.e. jaywalking) Tricia Farley-Bouvier
H.1289  An Act relative to civil infractions for juveniles John V. Fernandes
H.1300  An Act to increase the fines for prostitution solicitation Gloria L. Fox
H.1307  An Act relative to expert witnesses in actions for medical malpractice William C. Galvin
H.1309  An Act relative to patient care access William C. Galvin
H.1311  An Act requiring automatic external defibrillator devices in health clubs Sean Garballey
H.1315  An Act relative to public health volunteer responders Denise C. Garlick
H.1394  An Act relative to civil liability for protecting one's home Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.1408  An Act Adopting the Federal Uniform Trade Secret Act Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.1440  An Act reducing interest liability in treble damage settlements Kevin J. Kuros
H.1442  An Act relative to certain construction contracts John J. Lawn, Jr.
H.1444  An Act relative to governmental and charitable tort liability John J. Lawn, Jr.
H.1445  An Act protecting consumers' privacy in mortgage applications John J. Lawn, Jr.
H.1461  An Act to clarify the meal break law and to establish private enforcement Jay D. Livingstone
H.1473  An Act allowing for private arbitration for all parties involved in residential contracting Timothy R. Madden
H.1474  An Act relative to emergency and disaster planning for health care providers Elizabeth A. Malia
H.1483  An Act Updating Chapter 268 Section 35 Paul W. Mark
H.1488  An Act relative to notice of contract, dissolution of lien Christopher M. Markey
H.1489  An Act relative to farmers markets Paul McMurtry
H.1492  An Act relative to the charitable donation of leftover food by restaurants Paul McMurtry
H.1500  An Act relative to civil liability for protecting one’s home David K. Muradian, Jr.
H.1503  An Act relative to landlords accountability with regard to drug houses James M. Murphy
H.1516  An Act relative to the Recreational Tramway Board Harold P. Naughton, Jr.
H.1517  An Act to curtail gang activity and witness intimidation Harold P. Naughton, Jr.
H.1522  An Act relative to treble damages Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.1524  An Act relative to non-emergency 911 calls Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.1534  An Act to reduce lead poisoning in children Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.1535  An Act relative to the Homestead Act Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.1536  An Act relative to an unauthorized radio telecommunication Alice Hanlon Peisch
H.1541  An Act relative to a woman's right to know Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.1543  An Act relative to financial records of defendants in small claims court Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.1560  An Act establishing a right to counsel in certain eviction cases David M. Rogers
H.1580  An Act to protect consumers from usurious rates on credit cards Tom Sannicandro
H.1582  An Act to reduce smoking by minors Tom Sannicandro
H.1585  An Act relative to limited civil liability for sports officials Angelo M. Scaccia
H.1590  An Act relative to agricultural crop and property destruction Paul A. Schmid, III
H.1593  An Act prohibiting non-disparagement clauses in certain contracts John W. Scibak
H.1607  An Act creating a pilot program to discourage drinking by individuals under the legal drinking age and to provide a non-criminal disposition process for first offenders, including alcohol education Thomas M. Stanley
H.1626  An Act Relative to Asbestos Related Claims Walter F. Timilty
H.1636  An Act to add Law Enforcement Councils to the Massachusetts Tort Claims Act Paul Tucker
H.1650  An Act relative to oil spills on public ways RoseLee Vincent
H.1657  An Act to amend Section 20C, Chapter 148 of the General Laws relative to liability for damages caused by blasting Chris Walsh
H.1680  An Act relative to indemnification of the University of Massachusetts police John W. Scibak
H.2434  An Act preventing the use of alternative nicotine products and vapor products by minors James Arciero
H.3253  An Act relative to historical preservation organizations Kevin J. Kuros
H.3255  An Act relative to legal holidays Shaunna L. O'Connell
H.3434  An Act banning glue based rodent traps Nick Collins
H.3435  An Act to facilitate separate settlements in multi-defendant negligence cases Claire D. Cronin