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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
H.525  An Act relative to educational collabratives Christopher M. Markey
H.2665  An Act relative to the health and safety on public construction projects James Arciero
H.2671  An Act relative to the employment of persons with disabilities on state contracts David Biele
H.2676  An Act further regulating access to public records Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.2677  An Act relative to the Open Meeting Law Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.2680  An Act relative to global positioning system technology and public employees Tackey Chan
H.2684  An Act reducing filing fees for single member LLCs Josh S. Cutler
H.2685  An Act reducing certificate of organization fees for limited liability companies Josh S. Cutler
H.2689  An Act to provide for the public inspection of records made or received by special state police officers at educational institutions Paul J. Donato
H.2704  An Act protecting information relating to the religious affiliation of an individual Carmine Lawrence Gentile
H.2706  An Act promoting community on-the-job training for youths Carlos Gonz├ílez
H.2707  An Act to redefine exclusive contracts to be inclusive to minority goals Carlos Gonz├ílez
H.2715  An Act relative to the opening meeting law Bradford Hill
H.2721  An Act relative to corporate filing requirements Steven S. Howitt
H.2723  An Act relating to fair pay and safe workplaces Daniel J. Hunt
H.2729  An Act relative to the online posting of CMRs Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2732  An Act relative to the use of project labor agreements Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2734  An Act relative to accessible and free posting of state regulations Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2740  An Act promoting governmental efficiency David Paul Linsky
H.2743  An Act further defining executive sessions held by public bodies Marc T. Lombardo
H.2745  An Act identifying corporate irresponsibility Paul W. Mark
H.2747  An Act allowing an exemption to the prohibition on gifts to public employees Paul McMurtry
H.2748  An Act relative to access of business licenses Paul McMurtry
H.2751  An Act relative to restricted vital records Michael J. Moran
H.2764  An Act relative to the sunshine policy disclosure Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.2768  An Act providing for sustainability and transparency standards by Massachusetts business entities Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
H.2775  An Act to permit enhanced public access to deliberations of public bodies and to permit improved efficiency of public bodies Jeffrey N. Roy
H.2777  An Act relative to a business entity Angelo M. Scaccia
H.2780  An Act making amendments to the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act Angelo M. Scaccia
H.2781  An Act relative to municipal lobbying Angelo M. Scaccia
H.2787  An Act relative to the Secretary of State and ethics reform Todd M. Smola
H.2795  An Act enabling lobbying by the public on behalf of social and environmental justice Aaron Vega
H.3690  An Act authorizing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to acquire certain parcels of land in the town of Needham now under the care and control of the Department of Conservation and Recreation Denise C. Garlick
H.3750  An Act authorizing the city of Lowell to transfer and have air rights over certain parcels of park and state land David M. Nangle
S.1798  An Act relative to personnel records Michael D. Brady
S.1810  An Act relative to employment of persons with disabilities on state contracts Nick Collins
S.1833  An Act relative to justice of the peace fees Sal N. DiDomenico
S.1838  An Act expanding access to public records James B. Eldridge
S.1843  An Act reducing the costs for small businesses Ryan C. Fattman
S.1849  An Act requiring public disclosure of certain gifts Cindy F. Friedman
S.1859  An Act to support educational collaboratives Adam G. Hinds
S.1879  An Act to ensure more women serve on corporate boards of directors Jason M. Lewis
S.1899  An Act promoting governmental efficiency Rebecca L. Rausch
S.1900  An Act regarding information governance Rebecca L. Rausch
S.1909  An Act justifying the use of project labor agreements Bruce E. Tarr
S.1910  An Act relative to employee settlements Bruce E. Tarr
H.2696  An Act relative to the definition of fraud in public construction bid laws Ann-Margaret Ferrante
S.1885  An Act relative to the definition of fraud in public construction bid laws Michael O. Moore
S.1902  An Act further defining fraud in public construction contracts Michael J. Rodrigues