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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Cynthia Stone Creem Democrat - First Middlesex and Norfolk

Photo of  Cynthia Stone Creem
Majority Leader

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 312-A
Boston, MA, 02133
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  SD.307 An Act relative to kosher food signage
  SD.341 An Act relative to consumer data privacy
  SD.386 An Act making technical changes to the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety and Medical Error Reduction enabling statute
  SD.387 An Act relative to Holocaust victims insurance relief
  SD.396 An Act relative to circuit breaker reimbursement
  SD.397 An Act relative to special education transportation costs
  SD.398 Resolve authorizing a study of starting times and schedules
  SD.399 An Act to update the alcohol excise tax
  SD.403 An Act relative to insurance companies and quality measures
  SD.414 An Act to study disparities in health care resulting from changes in marital status
  SD.418 An Act relative to the creation of a sports injury commission
  SD.421 An Act to conduct a comprehensive study of oral injuries in school sports
  SD.422 An Act relative to the income tax deduction for charitable giving
  SD.442 An Act making corrections to the adopted children's act
  SD.443 An Act supporting the local determination of educational competency and multiple forms of academic assessment
  SD.444 An Act eliminating telecommunications tax exemptions
  SD.446 An Act relative to equitable divorce proceedings
  SD.448 An Act improving juror service responses
  SD.449 An Act improving juror service
  SD.450 An Act to amend G.L. c. 221 § 27A: Obsolete or useless papers; disposition, destruction or storage
  SD.488 An Act relative to the guaranty fund for home improvement contractors
  SD.502 An Act relative to pet fees
  SD.503 An Act to reduce plastic packaging waste
  SD.504 An Act to update the public shade tree law
  SD.506 An Act making technical changes to the laws regulating a certain notarial act
  SD.507 An Act relating to costs of appeals by the Commonwealth
  SD.508 An Act making technical corrections to the state trademarks act
  SD.509 An Act relative to the elective share of surviving spouses
  SD.510 An Act relating to parental choice of terminology in certain domestic relations matters
  SD.511 An Act relative to the compensation of a guardian ad litem in a contempt action
  SD.512 An Act relative to facilitating the utilization of psychologists on the health care team
  SD.513 An Act relative to safe and secure waiting areas
  SD.514 An Act relative to a local option excise on the sale of alcoholic beverages for municipal substance abuse prevention and public health programs
  SD.524 An Act relative to access to a decedent's electronic mail accounts
  SD.528 An Act to clarify homestead estates
  SD.532 An Act relative to medical examinations in correctional facilities
  SD.534 An Act relative to the preservation of certain appellate rights
  SD.536 An Act providing consumers with equal protection for all real estate appraisals
  SD.537 An Act relative to real estate document disclosure
  SD.539 An Act relative to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  SD.603 An Act promoting net neutrality and consumer protection
  SD.604 An Act relative to social media privacy protection
  SD.605 An Act relative to the profits from crime
  SD.610 An Act relative to cybersecurity insurance preference in state contracts
  SD.611 An Act relative to blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  SD.612 An Act relative to the cybersecurity of the internet connected devices and autonomous vehicles
  SD.618 An Act to establish food allergy plans
  SD.619 An Act to establish an office of adult decisional support services
  SD.622 An Act relative to special education health care costs
  SD.633 An Act enhancing identification of taxicab operators
  SD.637 An Act to transfer Bridgewater State Hospital from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Mental Health
  SD.663 An Act modernizing procedures for boards and commissions
  SD.670 An Act relative to the use of administrative subpoenas to obtain telephone and internet records without judicial review
  SD.671 An Act establishing a moratorium on face recognition and other remote biometric surveillance systems
  SD.680 An Act to improve food allergy awareness
  SD.746 An Act to sustain community preservation revenue
  SD.770 An Act to promote student nutrition
  SD.773 An Act to expand access to school meals
  SD.793 An Act improving knowledge about voting rights
  SD.795 An Act improving juvenile justice data collection
  SD.805 An Act to promote social-emotional learning
  SD.897 An Act relative to hands free cell phone devices
  SD.1165 An Act relative relative to the sexual assault nurse examiner program
  SD.1317 An Act relative to removing the term hearing impaired from the general laws
  SD.1321 An Act relative to preserving fertility
  SD.1324 An Act improving outdoor lighting and increasing dark-sky visibility
  SD.1329 An Act to create a CT task force
  SD.1333 An Act relative to media literacy
  SD.1342 An Act improving the earned income tax credit for working families
  SD.1345 An Act to establish a medical dosimetrist commission
  SD.1352 An Act to bring child support home
  SD.1418 An Act to protect the privacy of crime victims
  SD.1553 An Act relative to bicycle safety
  SD.1566 An Act relative to archaic crimes
  SD.1573 An Act to protect children, families, and firefighters from harmful flame retardants
  SD.1577 An Act to clarify the rights of joint owners of real property and abolish certain inconsistent or archaic rules
  SD.1579 An Act relative to senior citizen property taxes
  SD.1607 An Act relative to municipal unemployment insurance reform
  SD.1643 An Act to establish rate options to reduce customer costs and lower peak demand
  SD.1666 An Act to provide landowners title protection
  SD.1677 An Act improving the accuracy of eyewitness identification procedures
  SD.1681 An Act requiring victims to be notified of certain hearings concerning the custodial status of individuals adjudged not guilty of a crime by reason of mental illness or after being found not competent to stand trial
  SD.1685 An Act to mandate domestic violence and sexual assault awareness education for aestheticians, barbers, cosmetologists, electrologists, hairdressers, manicurists, and massage therapists
  SD.1690 An Act to require the reporting of satisfaction of judgments awarding money damages
  SD.1694 An Act to require sexual harassment training
  SD.1695 An Act relative to election day registration
  SD.1707 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Uniform Trust Decanting Act
  SD.1722 An Act to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
  SD.1723 An Act relative to firearms and firearms violence
  SD.1726 An Act relative to crime gun data reporting and analysis
  SD.1727 An Act relative to probation violations
  SD.1740 An Act relative to early voting privacy and expansion
  SD.1804 An Act relative to forfeiture reform
  SD.1816 An Act relative to adjusting the senior circuit breaker property valuation
  SD.1819 An Act relative to senior "circuit breaker" Medicare Part A adjustment
  SD.1822 An Act relative to preventing illegal trafficking of firearms
  SD.1841 An Act relative to candidate reporting requirements
  SD.1860 An Act relative to parole
  SD.1908 An Act relative to expungement
  SD.1915 An Act relative to education and programming for the incarcerated
  SD.1920 An Act to increase container recycling in the Commonwealth
  SD.1927 An Act to enhance investigations of sexual harassment and discrimination
  SD.1953 An Act for utility transition to using renewable energy (FUTURE)
  SD.2103 An Act relative to weights and measures
  HD.3406 An Act to expand access to school meals
  HD.3410 An Act to promote student nutrition
S.14  SD.497 By Ms. Creem, a petition (accompanied by proposal for constitutional amendment, Senate, No. 14) of Cynthia Stone Creem for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to the subject matter of initiative petitions. The Judiciary.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.