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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Future of Work Commission

Date Title Download
7/1/2021 CA Future of Work Report
7/1/2021 Juravich Residential Construction Working Paper
7/1/2021 Steward MA Future of Work Gig Economy Presentation
7/23/2021 EOHED Future of Work slides
7/23/2021 Future of Work Commission 06.29.21 Meeting Minutes
7/23/2021 Mohamad Ali IDG Presentation Final
8/3/2021 EOLWD FOW Report Presentation
9/24/2021 Ed Lambert MBAE Future of Work presentation
9/24/2021 Future of Work Commission 07.20.21 Meeting Minutes
9/24/2021 President Royal Future of Work Presentation
9/24/2021 Prof. Shah Work of the Future Briefing
9/25/2021 Prof. Kimerling IKIM Presentation
10/14/2021 Future of Work Commission 09.21.21 Meeting Minutes
10/14/2021 Future of Work Presentation Slides_Updated October 8
10/14/2021 2021 Board Retreat Materials
10/14/2021 Elisabeth Babcock EMPath Presentation Future of Work Commission
10/27/2021 Comcast FOW Commission Presentation
10/27/2021 Commission on the Future of Work - Dr. Dumay
10/27/2021 Dr. Frank Robinson Commission on Future of Work pres.
10/27/2021 Dr. Tyra Good Commission on the Future Work
10/27/2021 EEC Future of Work Commission
10/27/2021 Future of Work Commission 10.12.21 Meeting Minutes
10/27/2021 Michael Baldino Future of Work Commission - October 26, 2021
2/3/2022 Dave McKenna GBLS Future of Work Testimony.docx
2/3/2022 BFIT Aisha Francis Written Testimony 12.17.21
2/3/2022 Jane Steinmetz EY Future of Work Testimony
2/3/2022 MAPC Future of Work Testimony
3/15/2022 Deloitte Nicole Overley Future of Work Presentation
3/15/2022 NUReport_EmployersPostCovid_12-22-2021
3/15/2022 Sean Gallagher Northeastern Dec 17 Testimony
3/15/2022 TechNet Full Report
3/15/2022 TechNet Future of Work Hearing Testimony
3/29/2022 Future of Work Commission 1.18.22 Meeting Minutes
3/29/2022 Future of Work Commission 03.22.22 Meeting Minutes
3/29/2022 Future of Work Commission Final Report